Chausse Benjamin

One's personal decentralized hub


Photo of me climbing

If you came across this website, you probably know who I am. But just in case, here's the elevator pitch:
I'm currently a student slowly making it's way into aerospace engineering. I am curious and on a never-ending journey to make my life more efficient. Thus I tend to write scripts and use software that is easy to tune to my likings. I love rock climbing and photography. I also like being in control of my online presence. This is why I made this website instead of having a facebook page and it's also why I whish the web wouldn't have become so monolithic.
So that's me, Benjamin Chausse, or Ben for short.

How to reach me:

As some of you know, I despise facebook and therefore don't have an account. The best way to reach me is through email. I'll also give you guys my gpg public key so that all email communications you have with me can be encrypted should you so choose (I personally recommend it).

If you are curious as to how pgp works, I highly recommend you research the subject as it is an important part of internet security. However, if you heard about pgp and never bothered setting it up because it felt too complicated, I suggest you take a look at Canary Mail which does it all for you in a very elegant package. Granted it isn't open source software...


I love how the web used to be. There was no monolithic Facebook censoring and monitoring what we said. There was just a bunch of people with their own websites keeping eachother up-to-date with rss. That's why you can follow me with rss.

All my git repositories also have their own rss feeds which you can access in the following way:


I hate losing code, plus I love sharing it. Git let's me log the status of my code and revert to older versions whenever I need to. It also helps me elaborate on other people's code and collaborate on projects involving multiple people. Since git is pretty universal I can hook it up to multiple servers to make it easier to reach (and harder to lose). Here is where you can clone code I made/tweaked (or made a backup of):

If you so desire, you can clone the the repositories present on my website using git urls as follows:
Note that you should not add the .git extension at the end of the url.